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Governors of the World

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Global Governors Media Space

   Governors of the World is an international monthly analytical publication on governors and heads of top-level territorial entities worldwide.

   The publication is devoted to analyzing the brightest topics, events, and news from the current working agenda of governors, heads of territorial entities, governor's teams, and business community leaders collaborating with the authorities of territories and their teams.

   Governors of the World is one of the essential Instruments of the Global Initiative for Sustainable Development of Territorial Entities, participating in forming a single international information space for Governors and Governors teams.

  The goal of the Governors of the World publication is a comparative analysis of various activities of governors, heads of territorial entities, and their teams, as well as promotion of achievements, discoveries, new innovative methods and practices, advanced international experience in critical areas of sustainable development and management of territorial entities in different countries of the world.

   The technological features of the Governors of the World publication are formed from the requirements of the era of the new technological order and include both revolutionary solutions to form new approaches to the creation of global media spaces and the development of breakthrough and innovative publishing technologies, using the Innovative Publishing Technology "Creative Editorial" as an example.

   The Governors of the World product line consists of a comprehensive set of logistic formats for providing content, such as exclusive placement of the materials of the publication in the daily news network media Governors News, the release of the monthly editions of Governors of the World in digital and print formats, including applications.

   Governors of the World are participating in forming the Global Governors Media Space, which is one of the three component Spaces of the Global Initiative for Territorial Entities.

   In the aggregate, the functioning of all the publications that form the Global Governors Media Space is intended to form an international communication media platform for governors and governor's teams, accumulating and illuminating the activities of the heads of territorial entities in different countries of the world, enabling the governors and their teams to get acquainted with the activities of their colleagues, learn about the achievements in the field of UN Sustainable Development Goals, share innovative experience and the latest tools for development and management of Territorial Entities.

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