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Global Governors Media Space
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World Economic Journal 2011

   The World Economic Journal is an international monthly analytical print and digital publication on the economic development of territorial entities of the world and the role of governors, heads of territorial entities of the top-level, members of governor's teams, and business leaders who actively interact with governors and their teams in this process.

   The publication is devoted to the economic and investment analysis of the most key areas of development of the territories, highlighting the bright themes, events, and news from the current working agenda of governors, heads of territorial entities, governor's teams, and the business community leaders collaborating with the authorities of territories and their teams.

   The World Economic Journal (World Economic Journal) is one of the essential Instruments of the Global Initiative for Sustainable Development of Territorial Entities. It is part of the Global Governors Media Space.

   The purpose of the World Economic Journal is a comparative economic analysis of various activities of governors, heads of territorial entities, and their teams, as well as the promotion of achievements, discoveries, new innovative methods and practices, advanced international experience in critical areas of sustainable development and management of territorial entities in different countries.

   The technological features of the World Economic Journal are based on the requirements of the era of the new technological order. They include both revolutionary solutions for the formation of new approaches to creating global media spaces and the development of breakthrough and innovative publishing technologies, using the example of the Innovative Publishing Technology "Creative Editorial."

   The World Economic Journal product line consists of a comprehensive set of logistic formats for providing content, such as: posting materials for the publication in the daily news network media World Economic Journal, publishing the monthly editions of the World Economic Journal in digital and print formats, including applications in English and Russian.

   In the aggregate, the functioning of all the publications that form the Global Governors Media Space is intended to form an international communication media platform for governors and governor's teams, accumulating and illuminating the activities of the heads of territorial entities in different countries of the world, enabling the governors and their teams to get acquainted with the activities of their colleagues, learn about the achievements in the field of UN Sustainable Development Goals, share innovative experience and the latest tools for development and management of territorial formations.

   A brief historical background of the World Economic Journal:

   In 2009, the international journals World Economic Journal and Presidents of the World were established. In 2009, magazines entered the markets of Russia.

   In 2011, the World Economic Journal entered the open markets of the United States, Canada, Europe, and the CIS countries.

   The editorial policy of the journals was aimed at covering the activities of the Governors and Presidents of the countries in the areas of ensuring the sustainable development of the Territorial Entities.
  Media projects have shown the need to popularize this topic further and have been included in the Tools of the Global Initiative for Territorial Entities.

   World Economic Journal is an international monthly magazine on innovation, investment, and industrial development and management of territorial entities in developed and developing countries.
  The World Economic Journal has been published since 2009 in English and Russian.

   An international editorial board prepares the magazine. The World Economic Journal correspondents work in 7 countries of the world.
  The journal is not funded from public sources and from the funds and organizations that receive funding from any State. All tools of the Global Initiative for Territorial Entities are independent and free from the influence of the propaganda of any State.
  The magazine's readers are diplomats, international officials, economists and financiers, prominent representatives of the scientific community, and civil society. Readers include owners and top managers of investment funds, large corporations, medium-sized businesses, and professional analysts.

   A team of analysts works in the international editorial office of the World Economic Journal; ratings are prepared every month on various topics. The research and analytical service published its WEJ based on comparative indicators of territorial entities in different countries.

   Throughout the history of the World Economic Journal issues, circulation was up to 180,000 copies per month. The World Economic Journal coverage area is quite broad: the USA, Canada, the EU countries, Russia, the CIS countries, and other countries.

   The magazine is also presented in digital versions on the App Store.


World Economic Journal

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